Star Packages



We’ve created packages that will help you and your favorite child celebrate life’s events.


POPSTAR Package at Php6,600. Created for the child who loves and appreciates music. This package will surely thrill your child as he or she listens to ten (10)  of our special CD collection. And for the price of Php 6,600, you get a  total savings of Php 350!

What you will receive:  10  Music Album Titles

  1. Barney Music for Me
  2. Spiderman and You
  3. Carebears Music for Me
  4. Christian Music for Me
  5. Express to Song City
  6. Fantastic Four and You
  7. A Full Day of Adventure
  8. Kids Jukebox Music for Me
  9. Personalized for Preschool
  10. Animals Love Me

MUSIC Party Package.  For a minimum order of 25 music albums, we can be part of your celebration! Choose one music CD in our album as a give-away for your party and make your little guests feel special. We will set up a booth complete with attractive streamers to add zest and sizzle to your party!

25 Music Albums  at  Php 15, 895      A  total savings of Php 1,500 for you!
30 Music Albums at  Php 19,000        A total savings of Php 1,800 for you!
50 Music Albums at  Php 31,750        A total savings of Php 3,000 for you!
100 Music Albums at Php 63,500       A total savings of Php 6,000 for you!



MOVIE STAR Package starting at Php 4,280. Do you have child who dreams of becoming a famous celebrity? This DVD package is perfect for him or her!

What your Li’l Star will get:

The Little Actor (for Boys) at  Php 6,660: 4 Cartoon DVD

  1. The Incredible Adventures of Amazing Kid DVD
  2. Turbo Kid DVD
  3. My Dream Book DVD
  4. My Christmas Adventure DVD
A  total savings of Php 500 for you!

  The Little Actress (For Girls) at Php 5,475:  5 Cartoon DVD

  1. Snow White DVD
  2. My Dream Book DVD
  3. My Christmas Adventure DVD
  4. My Turbo Kid
  5. The Adventures of Amazing Kid
A  total savings of Php 500 for you!

CARTOONS Party Package. This is the ultimate in part give-away! Their very own personalized cartoons! Your child’s party will be the talk of the town! Choose one or two from 6 of our amazing cartoons! 

25 DVDs   at  Php 21,875      A  total savings of Php 500 for you!
30 DVDs   at   Php 25,850     A total savings of Php 1,000 for you!
50 DVDs   at  Php 43,250        A total savings of Php 1,500 for you!
100 DVDs  at Php 87,500       A total savings of Php  2,000 for you!


STAR BOOK Packages

STAR READER Package at Php 8,500. Do you have a precocious little book worm in your hands? Nurture his or her love for the written word by getting this special package that makes your child the star of every story!

What you will get:  8 Personalized Hardbound  Books  and 5 Storybook CDs

  1. Little One, Little One, What Do You See?
  2. Special Delivery
  3. My Birthday Surprise
  4. Baby’s Create-A-Book
  5. The Ballerina Princess (For Girls)  or  The Train with No Name (For Boys)
  6. The Big Circus
  7. The Train with No Name
  8. God’s Special Gifts to Me
  9. My Trip to the Fire Station
  10. The Big Parade
  11. My Day at Peek-A-Zoo
  12. My Day with the Fantastic Four
  13. My Neptune Voyage
  14. My Pet Dinosaur
  15. My Day with Spiderman
A  total savings of Php 535 for you!


STORYBOOK CD Party Package starting at Php 16,875. Are you having a Spiderman or Fantastic Four themed birthday party? Why not have Kid Starmaker make your party more special by getting our Marvel Storybook CD as give-aways?

25 CDs   at  Php 16,875      A  total savings of Php 500 for you!
30 CDs   at   Php 20,250     A total savings of Php 750 for you!
50 CDs   at  Php 33,750      A total savings of Php 1,250 for you!
100 CDs  at Php 67,500      A total savings of Php 2,500 for you!


HARDBOUND BOOKS  Party Package starting at Php 16,875. Because of the large amount of information needed to personalize our books, we do not offer it at parties. However, you can opt to purchase gift certificates that you can add to your child’s party loot bags. The parents of the children can then simply log on to our site and claim their give-away. The books will be delivered to them within 7-10 days after sending us the information that we need to customize the books.

25 Books   at  Php 19,375      A  total savings of Php 500 for you!
30 Books   at   Php 23,100     A total savings of Php 750 for you!
50 Books   at  Php 38,500      A total savings of Php 1,250 for you!
100 Books  at Php 77,000      A total savings of Php 2,500 for you! 


To avail of these packages, just send us a note here!