Christmas Promo!


If you are thinking of your long Christmas list and are overwhelmed by your responsibilities like most mommies, you may want to consider online shopping. It takes just a few clicks of the mouse to browse through online shops.You can pay through the bank or through your credit card and the goods are shipped to you. No more braving the traffic, no more lining up at the cashier, no more scouring through crowded bazaars to look for that perfect gift. This is stress-free shopping in the convenience of your home.

Here at Kid StarMaker, we are mindful of making things convenient for you. Although we love Christmas and adore kids, we don’t  like the hassle of Christmas shopping. That’s why we have made shopping easy by designing an online store that is user-friendly. Just go to our products page, customize the item by typing in the kid’s details, click ADD TO BAG and you are half-way done with purchasing that ideal gift for your child or inaanak. Paying is just as easy. You may use your PayPal account, your credit card or pay through BPI, BDO or ChinaBank. Order confirmation is instantly sent to you after payment.

This Christmas we are offering discounts for bulk orders for that long Christmas list of yours. This is our way of thanking you for making Kid StarMaker your gift of choice for those amazing kids in your life.

You have 3 packages to choose from:

POP STAR PACKAGE at Php 6,500  instead of Php 6,950. This package will surely thrill your favorite kids as they listen to ten (10)  of our special CD collection. For the price of Php 6,600, you get a  total savings of Php 450!

What you will receive any 10 of these CD titles:  10  Music Album Titles

  1. Barney Music for Me
  2. Spiderman and You
  3. Carebears Music for Me
  4. Christian Music for Me
  5. Express to Song City
  6. Fantastic Four and You
  7. A Full Day of Adventure
  8. Kids Jukebox Music for Me
  9. Personalized for Preschool
  10. Animals Love Me

MOVIE STAR Package at Php 8,500  instead of Php 8,950. You will be getting 10 of our high-tech 3D animated personalized DVD cartoons. That’s a total savings of Php 450 for you!  If you choose My Dream Book, it is just Php 7,500 for 10!

Choose 10 DVDs from these titles:

  1. The Little Mermaid DVD
  2. Snow White DVD
  3. My Dream Book DVD
  4. My Christmas Adventure DVD
  5. My Turbo Kid
  6. The Adventures of Amazing Kid

STAR READER PACKAGE A  for Php 7,500 instead of Php 7,950. Enthrall your favorite kids with harbound books and storybook CDs that  make them the star! Get 10 of these titles for a total of Php 450 savings.

Choose 10 from this list:

  1. Little One, Little One, What Do You See?
  2. Special Delivery
  3. My Birthday Surprise
  4. Baby’s Create-A-Book
  5. The Ballerina Princess (For Girls)  or  The Train with No Name (For Boys)
  6. The Big Circus
  7. The Train with No Name
  8. God’s Special Gifts to Me
  9. My Trip to the Fire Station
  10. The Big Parade

STAR READER PACKAGE B  for Php 6,500 instead of Php 6,950. Our Storybook CDs will be a sure hit for your computer-savvy youngsters as they interact with their favorite characters. It is a thrilling multi-media experience!

Choose 10 from the following titles:

  1. My Neptune Voyage
  2. My Day at Peek-a-Zoo
  3. My Pet Dinosaur
  4. My Day with Spiderman
  5. My Day with the Fantastic Four

To order these Christmas Promo Packages, just send us a note by clicking here or email us at


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