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Kid StarMaker Partners with Lazada Philippines!

Advertisement   Head on over to Lazada Philippines (www.lazada.com) and check out our personalized products for kids and kids at heart. With Lazada’s far-reaching network and courier discount, you can have your personalized products in 2 to 3 days. You can even pay for it upon delivery through their Cash On Delivery policy. Just go to www.lazada.com and type in Personalized Books or Personalized
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Samantha Perreras Graduates from Kindergarten with Honors!

Advertisement After a school year’s hard work, ending it with honors in her Kinder class is truly worth something. The personalized book is just the perfect gift for our very own Samantha. She is still in awe everytime she reads her name and her friends on the pages of the books. The Star is in the making!”–Mommy Joan Perreras       

Iyenne Cangao’s 6th Birthday

Advertisement   I don’t like your books po because….. I SO, SO, LOVE THEM!!!!! Thank you for helping my mommy find the perfect gifts for my 6th birthday. I love watching Gregory and Me. Mommy plays it so loud in the morning to wake me up. When I don’t understand my lessons, mommy reminds me that I am the Ballerina Princess who keeps practicing
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The Story Behind Kid StarMaker: An Interview by Blogger Adjeng Buenaventura

Advertisement We are glad to be featured in Proud to be A Wife and Mama’s blog!  This is an interview conducted by singer, content writer, blogger and commercial model Adrienne Sarmiento-Buenaventura. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having household helpers or nannies, there are still a handful of mommies out there who are firm in their belief that they can stand as primary caregivers for
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Proud to Be A Wife & Mama Features Kid StarMaker

Advertisement   Wife, mom, blogger and commercial model Adrienne Sarmiento-Buenaventura featured us in her fabulous blog! Here is what she has to say. . .  Are you stumped for new gift ideas for your little ones? Why not try something completely unique yet absolutely educational AND entertaining all at the same time? KID STARMAKER MEDIA has storybooks, audio CDs, and cartoon videos you can personalize
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The Inspiration Behind Kid StarMaker

Advertisement She smiled at 2 days old, danced at 4 months and started recognizing words at 7 months. Without anybody coaxing her, she read and pointed to the the word “baby” on her walker when she was 1 year and 2 months. She said her name at one year and 3 months. This is our Mishca Jadynn, the inspiration behind Kid StarMaker. We wanted
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Our Official Website

Advertisement Welcome to Kid StarMaker’s New Website! To all our friends, fans and customers, thank you very much for liking Kid StarMaker. For a long time, you previewed our products from our Facebook Store. Now our official website is here! It took a some  time, but we hope it’s worth the wait! We want to thank programmers extraordinaire Dave and Marites Quitoriano of Orangefix
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Featured Li’l Star: Daphnee

Advertisement Bundle of  joy Daphnee Sofia celebrated her 1st birthday last July 29, 2012. Her mom and dad gifted her with an M&M themed birthday party!  Daphnee also received a Kid StarMaker Personalized Book entitled Mother Goose. And here is what her pretty mom Jaclyn has to say:  “Thanks sa book for Daphnee. Ang cute cute!!! Talagang nandun name nila Daphnee and Rr in
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