The Inspiration Behind Kid StarMaker


She smiled at 2 days old, danced at 4 months and started recognizing words at 7 months. Without anybody coaxing her, she read and pointed to the the word “baby” on her walker when she was 1 year and 2 months. She said her name at one year and 3 months. This is our Mishca Jadynn, the inspiration behind Kid StarMaker.

We wanted to make her 1st birthday special and we came up with a personalized cartoon and MTV featuring her as the star!

Now the personalized video and books are her favorite! It was her personalized cartoon that made her learn to say her name Jadynn! One day we noticed that she kept pointing at the computer and then saying, “Jaydi. . .” Then we figured she wanted to watch the video that said her name! She finally stopped badgering us and started smiling when we played her favorite animation.

Her favorite book is The Big Circus. At her age, she has learned not tear her books. It has a calming effect on her. She loves looking at the colorful animals, balloons and clowns in that book while relaxing in her crib.

As parents,we wanted to give kids like her the chance to be the star of their story whether it is in a book, music album or animated featured. We have seen with our very eyes, through Mishca and her cousin Caleb,  how these products bring joy and encourage kids to come out of their shell.  That is why Kid StarMaker was born. We know  that our products  will have  a positive impact on the lives of children and bring them hours of fun, education and entertainment.



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